Clean Out Your Closet for a Good Cause!

I know it's snowing outside, but it's time think about spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with the new. 

If you're not sure what to do with all these snow days we keep having- clean out your closet! Getting rid of our old clothing that we no longer wear or fit into feels good. Why hold onto something if you aren’t going to wear it? Let it go and make room for something new. Your closet shouldn't make you feel bad about yourself or give you anxiety when you open the door.

Do you feel bad letting go of your clothes? Give your clothing new life by donating your gently used items to one of our favorite local charities, the Laurel House. The Laurel House is local organization that provides shelter, supportive programs, resources, and crisis intervention to women who have been impacted by domestic violence. By donating our gently used clothing to Laurel House, we can help empower women and give back to our community. Bring your gently used clothes to our Trappe location and we will donate it to Laurel House. You will receive 75 points for your generosity! 

Need some tips on clearing out your closet? We’ve got you covered!

  1. HANGER TRICK: Turn your hangers backwards. If you haven’t turned your hangers the right way, it shows you that you haven’t worn that particular set of clothing. 

  2. GOAL WEIGHT CLOTHES: Is it in your size? If it doesn’t fit- LET IT GO. Do not torture yourself by holding onto clothing that no longer fits. If you lose or gain weight- get yourself something NEW that is stylish and makes you feel good! It does NOT feel good to take up room in your closet or dresser with clothes that do not fit you. Our bodies- like fashion styles- are meant to change! You do not need to hold onto those jeans from high school! They aren’t in style anymore! Treat yourself to our Kancan jeans when you let go of those old ones!
  3. TRY IT ON: Are you unsure about an item in your closet? Try it on! If you don’t like how it fits or looks, get rid of it!
  4. TIE DYE IT: Do you love how something fits you but it’s stained? Give it new life by tie dying it! Not sure how to do that? Be on the look out for our Tie Dye work shops when the weather warms up!

I hope these tips help make your closet a more positive and happier space for you!