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About Us

Hi Guys,

My name is Meghan and I am the owner of Piccolo Boutique in Trappe, Pa. I am not going to bore you too much about my background so let's get to it! I received my Fashion Design Degree ( focusing in children's wear) from FIT in NYC. After two years in NYC I decided to travel abroad to Milano to continue my study. It was always my dream to live and study in Italy , well really my dream was just to eat and drink espresso all day. After my first year of studying there, I knew I had to finish out my degree there, so I spend another year eating carbs. I learned so much about the fashion world and a lot about myself. Being in Italy for those two years became life changing. That's how this Irish girl came up with an Italian name for the store. After I graduated I struggled trying to find a full-time job in the design world and in retail. I had no idea what I was going to do. I kept working in retail and when I would come home I just started sewing and designing for kids. To help grow my passion into a business I would part take in local craft fairs and joined etsy. After a year or working in my basement a boutique wanted my stuff! I had a crazy idea to pursue this business and to make it legal. In 2013 Piccolo AMORE was born as a LLC. At that time I was focusing on children's wear so "Little Love" worked perfectly for my brand. I worked in my parents basement for a few years until I opened a store. In May of 2015 I had a store front and changed our name to Piccolo Boutique. This location is much more than a store, it is a home. I have created so many memories in this space filled of dream catchers and love. I have also created friendships stronger than any other that I have had. These walls have seen my happy tears, my sad tears, my struggles, and my achievements and it also has seen all these emotions from my costumers. Piccolo Boutique is not only a store but it is a home. We welcome anyone with open arms and here to make you feel 100% beautiful and confident. We are here to push you into something you might of never put on before. We are a small community that loves one another and I am not sure what I could do with out them. My customers are my first priority, well maybe after my dog drake who I rescued in May of 2017. We hope to see you in-store or maybe out on the road with our new mobile boutique, Piccolo on-the-Go, which was released in 2017. Drake and I are very excited to help you find the most perfect outfit.

Bacio, Meghan