We are the RUNNER UP for the Best Store Front of the 2020 Boutique Awards

When the shutdown was announced back in March, like many business owners, I was filled with worry about our future. Prior to COVID19, being a small business owner meant competing with big name chain stores and other online businesses, throw in a global pandemic? I didn’t know where we would be. 

Six months later, we were announced at the runner up for the BEST STORE FRONT of the 2020 Boutique Awards. Truthfully- I am speechless and humbled. I could not have achieved this without you. You voted for me, shared my sales and posts on your social media accounts, shopped with me either via my online store, made an appointment when we reopened, or masked up and walked right on in my doors.

Piccolo babes, I know I say it often, but I am so grateful for your patronage.