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The week has come, it is BLACK FRIDAY AND SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY WEEK! Us here at Piccolo couldn’t be more excited to see all of our favorite shoppers and meet new faces as well!


SO .. we are breaking down the tips and tricks to get the most of your Black Friday shopping & of course what to wear while doing it.


  1. Make sure you sign up for e-mails NOW! That way when you are headed out early Friday morning, you know what stores are having what deals so you don’t waste your time going somewhere that won’t peak your interest in sales!
  2. Make a list! Write down all the stores you know you want to check out & prioritize that list from the MUST HIT to the I’LL GET THERE IF I CAN. 
  3. Always have a back-up plan, there will be A LOT of people out shopping on Friday, so you may run into a situation where you will have to stand in a line to get in, or simply all the items you want in that store will be sold out already. Come up with an alternative so you know where to turn if that happens!
  4. Buddy system! Shopping is always more fun when your with a friend, maybe not 10 friends because it will be difficult for everyone to get where they want to go and get everything you need with so many different ideas in mind. So make sure you grab your best girl and hit all your favorite stores together!
  5. NO KID ZONE .. I know we love our babies, but shopping with kids is MUCH more difficult then shopping alone, you will spend more time saying “wait til Christmas” then you will actually be getting what you need.
  6. In our opinion, either get out EARLY or go out LATE. The crowd is always going to be there when its mid-day so get up and get going our go out at closing hours, BUT KEEP IN MIND you could run the risk of them being out of some of the things on that shopping list.
  7. FOLLOW YOUR BUDGET!!!!! We all want that extra shirt or that adorable bag that wasn’t on our “must get” list before we got to the store but TRUST ME you will thank yourself later. No one wants to wake up with buyer’s remorse and spend their Saturday in the returns line. EXTRA TIP: set aside some “maybe money” just a little extra to get that item you fall in love with!
  8. That tip leads us right into our next … know the return policy. A lot of stores will alter their return policy for holiday shoppers, but some might not. So be sure before you insert that chip, or hand over the cash you are asking the return policy!
  9. We love shopping for ourselves, but Black Friday is a great time to get your loved ones those higher priced holiday gifts, so make sure you keep them in mind when you are out and about!
  10. Our tenth and final tip is a big one ………… HAVE FUN! It’s shopping!! Don’t let the people that choose to stress out and be nasty get you down, it’s a day to enjoy and bring on the holiday season!


We also want to give you a few outfit ideas to keep you from weighing yourself down with layers. We HATE carrying around jackets when we shop, so here  our three pics:

  1. Thermals
  2. Flannels
  3. Vests

Keep it casual and light, throw on a hat or scarf for added warmth but not the bulk of a winter coat.


SO GRAB YOUR COFFEE, in our case all 10 cups, and get ready to shop til you drop! Our fav? Anything COFFEE OVER CARDIO, you can get 10% off if you follow this link & use code 10PICCOLO at check out:


Happy Thanksgiving Piccolo Babes, we are SO grateful for all of you, and we could NOT be more excited to continue bringing in the holidays with all of our valued shoppers.  We hope to see you this weekend, be sure to check out Facebook and Instagram for live updates throughout the day and of course SALES!

Hours for this week

Friday 10-7

Saturday ( small business saturday) 10-7

Sunday 10-4




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