New Year ... but lets not change you to much!

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New Year ... but lets not change you to much!

C H E E R S piccolo babes! 


It's crazy to think we are DONE with 2018, and we will be ringing in 2019 in just a few short hours! We want you guys to brace yourselves, because your social media feed, family & friends are going to be bombarding you with the typical "new year, new you" message. Instead of thinking "i failed this year" or " i didn't do good enough in 2018 so i need to do better in 2019", focus on what you gained this year. Maybe a new career, a husband or wife, a niece or nephew, or even a new pair of shoes you really wanted. There is nothing to small to say you did AT LEAST one awesome thing in 2018. 


Even if you didn't loose that 100 pounds you wanted to, or find a job that was going to pay you six figures, there is still a reason to L O V E something about the year that is about to be behind you, and we think that makes for a damn good year. So we want you to do something for us, walk into the 2019 with a positive attitude, and happy outlook on life, and to celebrate the things you might not usually celebrate. Because everyday is a new day, and everyday you can wake up and say i think i'm going to change this today, and thats okay! 


Don't let anyone around you prey on your insecurities, and make sure you continue to do what Y O U want to do this next year. There are always things we want to change about ourselves, and we are allowed to but change them, but always remember to change them because you want to change them not because your favorite Instagram celebrity is telling you to. 


So here's to all of our Piccolo Babes, may your year be filled with an abundance of happy memories!




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